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My name is Libby Sanderson and I've been an avid juicer for as long as I can remember. I started JuicesRecipes.net as a free resource for others who want to explore the idea of power juicing and get the most out this amazing practice.

Here on my website, you’ll find access to resources that will help you learn more about starting power juicing, what to look out for when juicing, juicing for specific aliments, increasing your energy levels, losing weight, and much more.

I’ve put together a FREE step-by-step 10 part mini-course to help you get started quickly with power juicing.  It’s designed to teach you all of the essentials on starting and maintaining a healthful juicing program.

In My FREE 'Mini' Course You Will Learn:

  • The many hidden dangers of drinking commercial juices and why you don’t have to do it…
  • The Secret Shortcut to enjoying all the benefits of fruits and vegetables living a healthier lifestyle…
  • Key factors you must consider before even considering the idea of a juice fast…
  • Which is the fastest route to losing weight using power juicing (and avoiding the pitfalls that many people encounter)... 
  • The #1 most critical factor in successfully energizing your life through power juicing…
  • The reasons that juicing can often be thought of as the fountain of youth and how it can offset the effects of many degenerative diseases…
  • How to lower your blood pressure though juicing without the use of harsh medications and their dangerous side effects!
  • How the right juicer can make all the difference and be the key to your juicing success…
  • Much, much more!

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